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What Our Clients Have to Say

Discover the real-world impact of my career coaching by reading the testimonials below. See how my guidance has transformed the careers of countless clients, leading them to exciting opportunities in various industries. Click the button below to explore where some of my clients are now working and embark on your own journey to success.

Tyrone Powers, Ph.D.

Director-Collaboration and Special Initiatives

Anne Arundel Community College

I am so thankful to have been able to work with you, watch you, be mentored by you and collaborate with you on student engagement over the years and over the last year. You have been a treasure to students – to AACC and to all of your colleagues at AACC. The work you did with HLS & CJ Institute students was life changing, as was the work you did with so many others. And yet I wish you nothing but the best and continued success as you move to the next phase of your life. I am pleased to know that you will continue your work with young people and with those in crises. Your work has saved lives, initiated careers, instilled confidence, and provided leadership to so many.  Thank you so very much on behalf of students, colleagues, and all at AACC. Thank you for demonstrating excellence in education and in service. Thank you for all that you have taught me and for your strength, courage, wisdom, and support.  I do my best to carry on your legacy for as long as I am at AACC and beyond.


Former Student

I forgot to tell you I got my MBA this week. I just want to start off by saying I'm glad I got to meet you and have you as a part of my life and on my professional journey. I'm happy I got to have you as my career counselor. Thank you for these last amazing years. I appreciate every minute and how well you helped me on my journey. Your perspective and experience helped me grow personally and professionally. It's been a tough road/journey, but it has also been an exciting adventure and I won't forget any of this. You have not only formed good working relationships with the students but you have helped several students and colleagues, I truly mean that. You are a huge part of my success, and I am grateful for how you helped me and pushed me to do/be better.

Former Student

I want you to know I got accepted into the MSN-E program at University of Maryland. Thank you so much for help with my résumé and I’m so excited to start soon.

Former Student

Thank you very much for all your help and instructions you gave to me regarding my résumé.
I just want to inform you that I applied to the residency program and I have been contacted to schedule  an interview date.


Former Verizon Recruiter

Verizon has attended the career fair year over year and I must say, “I’ve seen an improvement in the preparedness of students”. The résumés were up to date, and the students were able to communicate their knowledge and skills in an effort to find a career match.

Patrice Lyons


Assistant Director (Retired), Anne Arundel Community College

I worked with Veronica for 10+ years in a supervising capacity and later as peers. Veronica's expertise and understanding of the variables that impact a person's career choice, whether the person is undecided about a first career or a mid-level career changer, results in exceptional service to meet the needs of the client and ultimately a successful outcome. To achieve this, Veronica keeps up to date on the job market trends, competencies, and skills needed by employers. She is excellent at connecting with clients, developing their stories, improving resumes, and perfecting interviewing techniques to demonstrate their strengths. I refer individuals to Veronica regularly and she is the person I seek out first when I have questions relating to career choices,  job search strategies, or workplace trends. I recommend Veronica to anyone who needs support with career guidance.


Veronica's intimate knowledge of career services and their inner workings is incredible. Her ability to network and foster deep connections with employers and job seekers alike is only one of her many strengths. Her detailed and intentional style provides the structure and support needed to get and keep a job. Stay connected because she'll help you get this job AND your next one! I know because I am a recipient of career counseling from Veronica.

Laura B

Veronica  is more than a Career Coach to me; she is equally my lifelong mentor. I met Veronica during my first year of college in Fall 2011. I attended one of her workshops, and the rest is history. She assisted me in working on my resume as well as coached me on how to properly conduct myself during an interview. Based on these reasons, I was accepted into the START Internship at the University of Maryland College Park in summer 2012 where I conducted  research on the Global Terrorism Debate at the Congressional Library. Due to Veronica’s mentorship, I was able to multitask and graduated with an A.A.S degree in Homeland Security Management at Anne Arundel Community College in May 2014. Upon enlisting into the Army in 2015, I proceeded to University of Maryland Global Campus, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Cybersecurity Management and Policy with a Minor in Homeland Security in May 2018. In March 2018, Veronica assisted me in updating my resume, in so doing, I was accepted into the graduate program at Bowie State University in Fall of 2018, where I graduated with a Master of Public Administration with concentration in Public Policy in May 2020 and Commissioned into the United States Officer Corps. Veronica further assisted me on working on my resume, and application, which based on this reason, I was accepted into the Doctorate program at University of Maryland Global Campus in May 2021. In a nutshell, Veronica significantly invested in my professional development resulting in the person, professional, and Army leader I am today. If you need a great mentor or career coach, you will be doing yourself great justice by reaching out to Mrs. Veronica Boreland.


I felt eager to make a career change after 27 years of working in the field of Occupational Therapy. I went back to college and earned my Master’s Degree in Social Work. After graduation, I started to apply for jobs but only received one to two interview requests. With frustration, I sought professional help from Veronica, who met with me several times for rèsumé revisions. Veronica gathered key information about my past work history and flushed out my key attributes. She updated my rèsumé to meet the needs of  the specific jobs I was looking for while also showcasing  the skills I got from  my previous 27 years of work experience.  As I represented my competencies and skills to employers, they made me an optimal candidate for the jobs I targeted. Additionally, Veronica conducted a mock interview to help prepare me for any difficult questions. Consequently, I got the job as a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW). I have been working at Anne Arundel County Health department for three + years.  

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